Yogi Adventures


Yogi Adventures is a 3-week children's yoga and mindfulness course designed to give children (and their adults if they would like to join!) an opportunity to learn through playing, exploring, and exercising their minds and bodies. While having these Yogi Adventures, we will be "traveling" to the zoo, garden and beach- all while staying present on our mats. The age grouping is 4-6 years and 7-10 years, and content will vary with age. While 4-6 years will be more focused on “playing yoga”, 7-10 years will go deeper into yogi philosophy and mindfulness.

During the Yogi Adventures, there will be fun yoga poses that engage the children to exercise their bodies, use their imaginations, and help center and quiet their thoughts. Some breathing exercises will help the children to unlock the benefits of controlled, mindful breathing. Partner poses, group poses, games, and singing will bring excitement and collaboration into the class. Mindfulness exercises, meditation, and savasana will help encourage relaxation and reflection. Not only can your child enjoy Yogi Adventures during class, but can also take home what they have learned and continue the mindfulness adventure anytime!

Presented by Sarah Donahue

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Sarah Donahue, founder of Starfiishmoon Yoga, has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and teaching children's mindfulness and yoga for 5 years. She has studied yoga in USA, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. After receiving her Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in Vietnam, she then completed her Childrens' Yoga Instructor Certification in Manhattan. She is now an elementary school language immersion teacher in Manhattan.