Homeschool panel discussion for the homeschool-curious (adults)


Homeschool panel discussion for the homeschool-curious (adults)


January 27th

2 - 4p


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New York City has a vibrant secular community of families who do not send their children to traditional school. Families outside of school have opportunities for classes, sports, park dates, co-ops, field trips, adventures, movie nights, playdates and even a girl scout troup and a prom!

If you are considering keeping your little one home, even if just for a year or two, but are unsure of how it might work, we’ve set up a panel discussion for the homeschool-curious for Sunday, Jan 27 from 2 – 4p.

Our panelists include parents of children who have never gone to school, children who started out in school but are now homeschooling, and children who started out homeschooling but are now in school.

We’ll answer all your questions about socialization, cost, regulations, average commuting, the opportunities for learning inside and outside of classrooms, and our real-life experiences of the challenges and benefits of being responsible for so much of our children’s educational and social needs.