Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of this agreement, the renting party is “Renter”, the rental period is the “Rental” the location of the Rental is the “Property”, the Renter and Classeteria are known jointly as the “Parties”. 

1. All expenses incurred by Renter in connection with the Rental are the responsibility of Renter. 2.Renter shall reimburse Classeteria for any damage done to Property as a result of the Rental. 3. If Classeteria is forced to close its doors due to circumstances beyond its control [including, but not limited to, natural disasters, necessary structural repair, actions and decrees by landlord, city, state or federal government, medical emergency], refunds to Renter will be at Classeteria’s discretion.


By making this payment, I, the Renter, agree, in taking advantage of the services of Classeteria LLC, to release and hold harmless Classeteria from any and all claims, demands, suits, costs and charges in connection with, or arising out of, the services received, including, but not limited to, bodily harm or injury.  

Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through mediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, then the dispute will be resolved through binding arbitration.