Playwriting 101: Getting Started


So you have an idea for a play. In your head it’s gold. A sure-fire hit. An experience that is sure to move even the coldest of hearts in the room. You might have even played around with some scenes, envisioned some of your characters, doodle a few set designs. So you sit down with your pen, or in front of your keyboard and you look at the blank page...and you have absolutely no idea what to do. How do you open this thing? How do you end it? What makes a good story anyway? What the heck does “good” even mean?

We have all been there, believe me. And also believe me that all is not lost. While we can’t answer every question you have in three hours, this workshop is designed to give you a few tools that many writers use to help them break out of the void of the empty page and get their ideas on paper. We will start by going over how to outline your story, and we will build upon that by touching upon character development and then theatricality. Hopefully, you will walk out of this class with a few tools that will inspire to finish that masterpiece you have inside you that is demanding to be written!

Presented by Beto O’Byrne

Beto O’Byrne hails from East Texas and is the co-founder of Radical Evolution, a multi-ethnic, multi-disciplinary producing collective based in Brooklyn, NY.  The author of 20 plays, screenplays, and original tv pilots, his works have been produced and developed in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York City. He was the 2017 playwright-in-residence at the Stella Adler School of Acting, and a 2050 Playwriting Fellow at New York Theatre Workshop, and his works have received residencies at the New Ohio Theatre, Pregones Theater, Tofte Lake Arts Center, Kitchen Dog Theater, and more. MFA, Dramatic Writing: University of Southern California.  

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