Philosophy For Kids

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Kids learn to discuss themes and ideas found in mythology, philosophic fables and classic children's literature such as Charlotte’s web, Aesop’s stories, the Little Prince among others.

Friendship, Justice, Happiness, Freedom, Love

are explored through story dramatizations and many interactive experiential learning games.

Concepts are related to children’s everyday life so they can understand them better.

Many activities, experiential games in which kids role play and find solutions to everyday situations relevant to the concepts as well as many art projects are used to create a very entertaining and interactive session.

Curriculum examples: 


Through the story of Charlotte’s Web kids role play, relate personal stories about friendship and play interactive games that emphasize how to be a good friend. Including Greek philosopher’s ideas help kids to understand different kinds of friendship.


‘What makes me happy may not make you happy so if I think I’m happy then I am, I can’t be wrong about it.’

Kids get to discuss among themselves through the guidance of our instructor what makes them happy, why and how it feels.

Presented by Intellectual Kids Club

Ages 6 - 8


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