Origami and Mindfulness, teens


Origami and Mindfulness, teens

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Does your teen have trouble focusing their attention on one thing at a time? Are they easily distracted most of the time? Well, if so, this course may help! By learning some deep breathing techniques in combination with the paper-folding art of Origami your teen can improve their focus and concentration.

Origami is a perfect complement to beginning mindfulness because it emphasizes careful folding in a sequential order with an attention to detail. In addition, folding origami will also aid students in understanding geometry, engineering, and design.

Each class will begin with a check-in and a review of the previous week. This will open up into group discussion of the week’s theme. Next, the origami model of the week will be introduced. Then each student will get a sheet of square origami paper, and the facilitator will give step-by-step instructions for the day’s model. We will repeat the steps of each model, which should take about 10 minutes, at least three times so that the steps stick. To end class, the instructor/facilitator will lead the group in a 2- 5 minute mindful breathing exercise. At the end of class each student should have three completed origami models; one to keep, one to take apart for study, and one to give away as a gift!

Some models require group cooperation. For these models, each student will fold a piece that they will combine with partners’ pieces to create a collaborative whole project. On these days, the latter part of class will be used for putting the project

About the Instructor: Paul Singleton III has studied the art of Origami since 2008,
when he became a student of Art Therapist and Origami master Toshiko Kobayashi,
MA ATR-BC LCAT. Working with Kobayashi, Paul has led origami-folding workshops
in a variety of settings, including the Japan Day festival in New York City’s Central
Park (2009-2013, 2018). As a licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Paul was one of the
founding members of the Origami Therapy Association in 2011, an organization that
seeks to explore the therapeutic benefits of folding origami.

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additional $3/materials fee applies

Saturdays, Jan 12 - March 30

No class on: Feb 16 

10a - 11:30a