Making Art History, ages 9 - 12


Making Art History, ages 9 - 12

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Making Art History

This class will introduce students to modern art and art history in a fun, hands-on way. Each week, students will learn about a new modern artist, then reinforce this knowledge by creating their own works in the artist’s style. By emulating Kandinsky’s synesthetic paintings, Calder’s mobiles, and Warhol’s image transfers, students understand that that modern art has more to it than meets the eye.

They’ll make lasting connections to modern artists, both personally and technically. A trip to the museum will never be the same!

Presented by Jane Parson Bernstein 


+ $25/materials fee

Fridays, Sept 7 - Dec 21

Not including the DOE non-attendence day of:

Nov 23

This course also skips the day of Oct 19

3 - 4p