Fun with Chemistry, ages 7 + 8


Fun with Chemistry, ages 7 + 8

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Young scientists get a chance to learn the basic concepts governing science through fun play and many activities.

In this class, kids will learn about solids, liquids and solutions while investigating the properties of several fun concoctions. Using their own bodies through dramatic play, they will experience how liquid molecules move and what happens to them in different temperatures. There will be opportunities for hands-on experiments, making Slime, oobleck, quicksand, bubbles, play dough  and other creative concoctions with kid safe, non toxic ingredients.

Students' interest in science will grow as they see scientific principles come to life right before their very eyes!

Presented by Intellectual Kids Club


Fridays, Sept 7 - Dec 21

Not including the DOE non-attendance day of:

Nov 23

3 - 4p