Engineering and Mythology, ages 9 - 12


Engineering and Mythology, ages 9 - 12

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In this highly interactive and theatrical class, kids learn engineering concepts along with mythology through exciting story dramatizations of Greek myths. Monsters, gods and heroes come to life while kids become part of their stories.

Through experiential learning, theater and movement games as well as many hands-on activities kids also get to discover scientific forces and challenges. The story of the Trojan horse (civil engineering- how to build a strong structure), Icarus and Daedalus (Aeronautical engineering), Odysseus trip to Ithaka (Marine engineering and biology) are some of the myths that introduce scientific concepts in a fun way.

Crafts in 3D and art projects inspired by the myths create entertainment as well as long term memory of learning.

Presented by Intellectual Kids Club

Fridays, Sept 7 - Dec 21

Not including the DOE non-attendance day of:

Nov 23

4:15 - 5:15p