Mentoring for Homeschooled Teens

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Michael Broder is a writer, scholar, and academic with a BA from Columbia University, an MFA in creative writing from NYU, and a PhD in classics from CUNY. He has taught language, literature, and humanities at Hunter College, Brooklyn College, the CUNY Graduate Center, and other CUNY campuses, as well as at NYU, Montclair State, and the University of South Carolina.

Michael is available to mentor homeschooled teenagers in a variety of modalities. Studying for an AP exam? Working on a final paper in literature, history, philosophy or other humanities subject? Developing your own course of study? Looking for direction, motivation, guidance, or structured learning? Michael is available for one-on-one or small group mentoring on Sunday afternoons after his World History, World Literature and You class. Reach out to us at to discuss options and pricing.