Lively Village


Designed for working families trying to find a peaceful, supportive, play-based after school environment, we host elementary school kids in our homey, 1,800 square foot kid-friendly space with private backyard.

Our mission for Lively Village is to create a safe, supportive and low-pressure environment for kids to decompress in the hours between school and home; a place where they can connect to and express their imagination through free play, games, and exploration.

The goal of this class is for the children to create their own games and fun together with adult facilitators helping to guide them in connecting to each other and manifesting their ideas.


 Our Afternoon

Our time together is carefully crafted and supported by simple visual planning and organizing, regular check-ins, community building, and nonviolent communication tools. 

Opening Check-in

We start our afternoons with a brief group meeting where everyone gets to practice social-emotional skills and participate in the process of organizing and committing to the experience together.


  • Opening poem or song

To create rhythm, structure and community

  • Feelings check-in

For self-awareness and to give those around each a child a sense of her/his state of mind

  • Make a plan for the afternoon

To create ownership of their time, provide flexibility and allow facilitators to support the children’s choices


Outdoor free play

Most days the children will begin at the park. Kids will use the playground at Maria Hernandez Park to run, jump, use loud voices and engage in collaborative playground games for a large block of time every day.


In the event of serious weather (heavy rain/extreme cold or heat) the children will spend this block of time indoors. They will have a choice to join one of the games offered or create their own plan.

 Options may include:

  • Movement games

  • Table games (origami and board games)

  • String and puzzle games

  • Role-playing games

Snack Time

Food and story sharing is one of the oldest community traditions around the world. The children head inside if they have been outdoors. They will be encouraged to gather together to eat their afterschool snack and listen to a story read by their facilitator.


Indoor Activity Time

For the remainder of the afternoon, the children will be free to play together or choose between art, crafting and play stations set up throughout the facility. These will be prepared for them before they arrive each day, but will be based on each group of children’s interest. Options may include:

  • Drawing, painting, coloring

  • Play dough, clay, beeswax

  • Textiles and handcrafting

  • Sculpture with found/natural objects

  • Independent reading

  • Dramatic play

  • Table games (puzzles, board games)

  • Card games

Closing Circle

In a group circle the children and adult villagers share about their experience together and find possible solutions for making their afternoons together even better. The children will reflect on their initial plans for the day and make note of how those plans manifested or changed. This is also a time for questions, highlights, resolutions and gratitude.


2:30 – 5:30p

Free rolling pick up from 5:30 – 6p available.

Courtesy school pick up included.

Age Range:

6 - 9 years


We are enrolling in groups of 3 – 6 kids only, we are currently not able to accommodate single family enrollments. Commitment is per semester. Prices are per child, not per group.

3 kids: $45/day

4 kids: $40/day

5 kids: $35/day

6 kids: $30/day

Organizers contact us here:

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We also have camp!

Lively Village is directed by Svetlana Zabolotnaia


My name is Svetlana Zabolotnaia. I am passionate about learning and new generation. Originally from Moldova I immigrated to New York in 2002. I studied International Economic Relations (Moldova), Educational Psychology (New York University), Waldorf Education (Sunbridge Institute), Remedial Education (Association for Healing Education), Agile Learning Facilitation (New York and Barcelona), and Non-Violent Communication (New York). I believe that the future of education is in more choices, self-direction, and strong community building. I am now working on co-creating happy, rich, and agile learning environment for children and families supporting their growth, progress, and balance.