Lively Village


Designed for working families trying to find a peaceful, supportive after school environment, we host elementary school kids in our homey, 1,800 square foot kid-friendly space with private backyard.

Our mission for Lively Village is to create a safe, supportive and low-pressure environment for kids to decompress in the hours between school and home.

Our facility offers opportunities to read, write, craft, draw, paint, knit, sew, play collaborative board games and card games, talk, snack, work on homework, play outside in our yard or the park across the street, sing, dance, stretch, build, and most of all: play play play.

We take principles from the Agile Learning philosophy to guide our afternoons together.

What does that look like?


  • Kids have autonomy.

  • Their time, choices, pacing and participation belong to them.

  • We dig deep to find out how they want to spend their time.

  • And work to support their choices.

  • Every activity is opt-in and opt-out.

  • We respect their choices and strive to meet them where they are.

  • We support without directing their play.

  • We believe kids know how to play!

  • We cultivate a collaborative, not competitive environment.

  • We focus inclusive play and do our best to avoid winning and losing dynamics.

  • We have clear, articulated boundaries so kids feel safe and supported.

  • We respect everyone’s physical, mental and emotional space.

Pricing and Schedule for Fall 2019 Coming Soon

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