Kids Craftivism


Students will learn the art of craftivism. This focuses on using found, recycled, low-impact, and low-cost tools to create art and crafts that can make a difference in their community or in their personal lives. Students will hone their embroidery and knitting skills in order to give back to their community, to think constructively about social issues, and to create works of art that inspire and empower their own journey to becoming strong, passionate, and selfless adults.

Planned projects include:

*Creating a pot for spider plants and sharing saplings

*Crocheting replacement basketball hoops for local parks

*Designing a “I Believe In…” patch

*Designing motivational cards for friends and neighbors

*Making sew-free fleece blankets to donate

*Creating thoughtful bunting with inspirational messages

Presented by Katrina Majkut

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