Intro To Art Journaling


Art journaling can be a fun and simple tool for expression, reflection, and creativity. Writer and illustrator Dorkys Ramos will teach you how to get started in art journaling—even if you don't consider yourself an artist at all!

She'll go through some of her favorite supplies for journaling; how to use mixed media such as papers, photos, paints, and pens; and describe the different paths you can take with your personal art journal.

Perhaps you're a travel junkie who would like a space to contain those wanderlust thoughts? Or maybe you'd like to maintain a gratitude journal or a portable inspiration board? Dorkys will offer ideas and a variety of prompts to get those creative juices flowing and help you get started on the first pages of your art journal.

Presented by Dorkys Ramos

Saturday, Aug 17th

10a - 12 noon


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