Open House Sunday, Sept 22nd from 10a - 3p

Homeschool class for Upper Elementary Juniors


This class is for students at the approximate grade level of 3rd and 4th grade and/or 8 + 9 year olds who are already reading and are ready to start, or have already begun, long form composition.

Our Language Arts curriculum is provided in part by Blackbird and Co. with essay composition as the centerpiece. A sample from their use of it can be found here. Other Language Arts units may include parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation, vocabulary, and/or spelling skills.

Math study will be based on the collective prior knowledge of the class and led with a differentiated learning model, allowing for advanced work where needed. This may include strengthening of the four operations, fractions, perimeter, area and volume, angles, lines and rotations and/or measurement.

Planned science topics include a study of the elements, classification systems and long-term gardening projects but will also include interest-based units and we hope to culminate this topic with a mini-science fair.

  • 9:30a – 10a: Rolling drop off

  • 10a – 1p: 3 hour class encompassing ELA, math and science

  • Stay and play during our rolling pick up

    Check out our afterschool options here.

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  • Tuesdays and Fridays

  • Sept 9 - Dec 20

  • And follows the DOE calendar



Enrollment is per trimester, not a full school-year commitment, giving homeschoolers greater flexibility to shape their annual calendar.

  • Fall commitment: Sept - Dec

  • Winter commitment: Jan - March

  • Spring commitment: April - June

We define “Juniors” as 8 + 9 year olds who are past what would be considered ‘learning to read’ and who are ready to begin or have already begun long form (multi-paragraph) composition work. If your 8 year old is not yet at either point, please check out our “Intermediate” group.

We are always interested in tuition/volunteer exchanges, contact us to work one out for your family!

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