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Homeschool class for Emerging Readers


For emerging readers, we prefer techniques that allow children to enjoy and identify themselves as readers, writers, scientists and mathematicians well before they have developed the skills necessary for independent learning in these areas. We believe that kids this age should be engaging with the “Three Rs,” in the same organic, exploratory fashion usually reserved for art.

In our 2018 -19 year, our emerging readers worked on literacy skills by:

  • creating personal dictionaries.

  • self-publishing an original piece of writing (from a few words each page to a few sentences).

  • playing with homemade Story Dice and Word Cubes.

  • optional participation in supportive group read-alouds.

  • playing Word Wreck, a game where vowels and consonants are replaced in order to create different and imaginary words. 

  • incorporating illustration by visualizing simple, imaginary words that we created.

  • playing charades with sight words.

  • creating mini-skits in Verb, Noun and Adjactive teams.

    As emerging mathmaticians, our students this age worked on the basic foundations of adding, subtracting, regrouping, and began to tackle the concepts of multiplication and fractions by:

  • the use of manipulatives such as rods, bundles of toothpicks, marbles.

  • solving Ken Ken and other puzzles.

  • creating skip counting charts.

  • ad lib-ing silly word problems.

  • creating a masking-tape number line on the floor to allow for lots of movement while solving problems.

  • 9:30a – 10a: Rolling drop off

  • 10a – 1p: 3 hour class encompassing ELA, math and science

  • Stay and play during our rolling pick up

    Check out our afterschool options here.

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  • Mondays and Thursdays

  • Sept 9 - Dec 20

  • And follows the DOE calendar



Enrollment is per trimester, not a full school-year commitment, giving homeschoolers greater flexibility to shape their annual calendar.

  • Fall commitment: Sept - Dec

  • Winter commitment: Jan - March

  • Spring commitment: April - June

We define “Emerging Readers” as 6 + 7 year olds who are not yet reading at all. If your child has begun reading, please check out the “Intermediate” class.

We are always interested in tuition/volunteer exchanges, contact us to work one out for your family!

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