Homeschool Community Days for Kids

Classeteria aims to make itself a ‘third place’ for homeschooled kids. We have our League of Independent Learners academic classes, our mentorship options for teenagers, and now, we introduce community days for elementary-age kids.


Do you ever wish there was a place where older kids went to just hang out together without having to sign up for a class? Like open play but for 6 - 12 year olds?

This is that.


Community days are a way for kids to get together in an informal setting and for parents to get a chance to do their own thing. Drop your kids off with us while our other homeschool classes are going on and enjoy some time apart from each other.


Staff members will be on hand for questions, conflicts and safety, but not for instruction, entertainment or babysitting. Kids have access to our art room, library, kid-break room, backyard, and of course, to other kids. Younger kids will have their own dedicated area and stronger supervision if a wide age gap occurs.


Community days are $15 for a half day.

Siblings are an additional $5 per half day.

9:30a – 12p and/or 12p to 2:30p

(we break for a facility-wide lunch/recess 11:30 - 12:30)

Minimum age 6

Advance notice by enrolling or email is required.