Classeteria is proud to host the League of Independent Learners homeschool classes.


The League provides homeschoolers with academic fundamentals in an engaging, supportive environment

The League’s mission is to transfer some of the responsibility of building an academic foundation off of parents so that family, home and out-of-class time can be spent in other pursuits, such as project work, play, interest-based learning, field trips, daydreaming, and all the other fun stuff we signed up for when we started homeschooling.

Small classes, careful individualized attention, similarly aged peers, a clear curriculum map and discipline policy provide parents with the scaffolding they need to get those basics down, as well as the tribe many of us are looking to provide for our kids.


Our classes meet twice a week to offer academic and social reinforcement

Daily schedule:

9:30a – 10a: Rolling drop off

10a – 1p: 3 hour class encompassing ELA, math and science

Stay and play during our rolling pick up

Check out our afterschool options here.


Our educators use a curriculum map and student assessments to find a baseline and develop goals with each group of children and work with them as a whole, in small groups and individually.

Based on the ages, needs and previous academic experience of the students, the course work will include some of the following in each subject:


  • Comprehension strategies and skills

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Spelling and word study

  • Penmanship

  • Punctuation

  • Composition


  • The four operations

  • Measurement

  • Perimeter, Area and Volume

  • Lines, Angles and Rotations

  • Fractions

  • Advanced work available


  • Life cycles

  • Ecosystems

  • Space systems

  • Light and Sound

  • Forces and Interactions

  • Matter

  • Energy

Our educators have experience teaching in both public and private schools in the city. Our educational director provides oversight, and our administration staff is always available to go over any issues or questions with families.



Our facility is a friendly community space with two dedicated classrooms, a library, an art room and cozy “living room” for parents and little ones to comfortably wait. We have enclosed outdoor green space and food storage facilities. Parents are welcome here.

 We are located in Bushwick, Brooklyn with a variety of shops and food options in the immediate vicinity. Our local park is across the street and is a two-square-block community space with grass, playgrounds, handball/basketball courts and a central plaza that often holds community events on the weekends.

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We have homeschool options for:


Emerging Readers

Ages 6 + 7

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Ages 7 + 8

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Upper Elementary Juniors

Ages 8 + 9

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Upper Elementary Seniors

Ages 10 - 12

We partner with third parties to offer the following:


Earth Living Skills


Lively Village Camp


Homeschool Band with School of Rock, Williamsburg


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Join us for our Fall Quarterly Party

Homeschool Gallery:

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“Our child currently attends 2 full days per week of homeschool academics... It has been fantastic. The setting is intimate, engaging and personalized, and he is making progress and loving his time there. Homeschooling can be tough to figure out, and Classeteria is the puzzle piece we were looking for. We will definitely return in the fall. He also attended the spring break day camp offered at Classeteria. It was totally different and equally fantastic. We couldn’t be happier.” - D., mom to 7-year-old