Cycles After Birth:

What the heck is going on with my hormones?


The years following birth can be filled with lots of ups and downs. This class is for:

  • Anyone who has given birth in the last 2 years

  • Anyone looking for birth control alternatives while breastfeeding

  • People curious about how breastfeeding affects cycles

  • Birth workers, doulas, midwives, etc.

You will walk away with a newfound appreciation for the postpartum body and practical applications for caring for hormonal health!

Presented by Cassie Moriarty


October 19

1 - 3p


Cassie is a FEMM certified Fertility Awareness Educator, a La Leche League leader, and a DONA trained doula. She is passionate about maternal health and all things fertility related. She manages Earth + Sky Healing Arts and co-runs Appleseed Fertility. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter. When not running after her kiddo, she attempts to make her thumb green and enjoys live jazz music.