Western Classical Music Vocabulary 101

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This introductory class will explain the basic elements of Classical music notation, theory and Solfege as they are used in the present.

We will go over the basic Musical alphabet, it’s related sonic soundings or “tones”, how these sounds are notated and read from a page and why the Western European tradition can help bring simplicity and clarity in your own music practice.

Students will leave being able to use basic Western Classical Music vocabulary to more efficiently communicate their own unique musical ideas and will have new ways of notating simple melodies and rhythms on paper.


Presented by Lorenzo Jaldin III

Saturday, October 5

5p - 7p



Christine Sloan Stoddard is a writer, artist, and the founder of Quail Bell Magazine. She has shared her films, paintings, poetry, performances, and more with Ms. Magazine, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Queens Museum, the Poe Museum, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, and other organizations. Her latest books are Belladonna Magic: Spells in the Form of Poetry & Photography (Shanti Arts) and Desert Fox by the Sea (Hoot 'n' Waddle).