Childbirth Education Express Class


Classeteria is thrilled to be hosting Carriage House Birth for their Childbirth Express Class this summer!

At Carriage House, we have culled our shared birth & postpartum experiences and training as birth workers to develop a strong, interesting and fun classroom experience. We believe that it is best to fill your birth tool bag with as many options as possible, therefore we teach what is most useful and use what we feel are the best elements from the various laboring methods that are out there today. Whether at home, in a hospital or birth center, we believe that good birth outcomes happen when fear is replaced by confidence, understanding of the birthing person’s body and the very normal experience that is pregnancy and childbirth.

The Carriage House Birth Express Childbirth Education class is a 3 hour commitment. It offers families a streamline no frills version of our weekend classes. This class is not for families looking to dive into the mechanics of labor or infant feeding.

Class covers but is not limited to:

✩ Stages of Labor
✩ Signs of Labor
✩ Pain Coping strategies
✩ The role of the partner
✩ What to expect from your birthing location
✩ What to pack and how to prepare
✩ Pain medications for labor
✩ The postpartum body

This Express class is $225 PER FAMILY UNIT (up to two people)!

Please email questions to

Presented by Tia Dowling-Ketant

Coming back mid-Sept

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