Next Open House: Saturday, Nov 2 from 2p - 4p


Classeteria is extending its Lively Village afterschool class to full days during DOE non-attendance days.


We offer an alternative to highly organized environments by removing many of the barriers to self-directed play.

We spend time in the morning thinking about how we want to spend our day and our facilitators work to make it happen. Each day includes a planned creative project, but kids are free to opt-out and work on their own creations. They can also choose to relax with smaller activities like reading, knitting, drawing, dramatic play, cards, crafting, board games, or just kicking a ball around the yard.

In our camp we value self-direction, creative expression, free play, and community building.

Daily schedule:

  • 8:30 - 9:30a: Rolling drop off, free play.

  • 9:30 - 10a: Morning meeting with daily intention-setting.

  • 10ish: We will head to Maria Hernandez park if weather permits. We will spend time in the grassy area enjoying fall-themed, nature-based activities. 

    The kids will end with some playground time and eat their lunch either in the park or back inside. There are a lot of ‘maybes’ as we aim to be flexible and let the kids have choices within their day while still maintaining a structure they can rely on.

  • 12:30ish: Once inside, there will be an optional activity such as weaving, sketching, leaf-pressing and a readaloud. The kids may each also choose to do something independently such as art, reading, tinkering, resting, playing.

  • 2p: Closing circle to go over our day, create some closure with regard to our original intentions and sharing some gratitude about the things we experienced. Pick up is from 2:30 - 3p. 

  • Extended Day 3p - 6p will involve further project work.


Our facility is stocked with art supplies for painting, drawing, coloring and sculpting. We have recycled materials in cardboard, plastic, and metal for three dimensional art and tinkering. Kids have access to yarn, needles, fabric scraps, thread and a sewing machine as well as books, puzzles, board games, playing cards and more. We have a green backyard and our front yard is Maria Hernandez park.




3p - 6p Extended Day: $40

Ages 6 - 10

Available Oct 1, Oct 14, Nov 5 and Nov 11

Our lead facilitator


My name is Svetlana Zabolotnaia. I am passionate about learning and new generation. Originally from Moldova I immigrated to New York in 2002. I studied International Economic Relations (Moldova), Educational Psychology (New York University), Waldorf Education (Sunbridge Institute), Remedial Education (Association for Healing Education), Agile Learning Facilitation (New York and Barcelona), and Non-Violent Communication (New York). I believe that the future of education is in more choices, self-direction, and strong community building. I am now working on co-creating happy, rich, and agile learning environment for children and families supporting their growth, progress, and balance.

*facilitators subject to change

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