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Meditation Installation

Meditation Installation

In this hands-on creative workshop, students will use their intuition to combine text and mixed media materials in the development of two and three-dimensional artworks. Mixed media artist Jessica Baker will begin by sharing images and the inspiration behind some of her own artwork. This will be followed by a short, guided meditation or period of quiet sitting.

Then, it’s time for everyone to get to work! Jessica will offer gentle guidance to help students develop ideas for their own text and mixed media artworks using the materials provided such as pens, pencils, collage and scrap papers, found printed text, fabric, sewing materials, glue, scissors and additional, less conventional materials such as leaves, seeds and other objects from nature.

Students are encouraged and invited to bring handwritten or printed text (note: this doesn’t have to be personal writing, it could be books, newspaper, magazines, etc.), collage paper, ephemera and any other materials they would like to use for their creations.

At the end of the workshop, students will be invited to temporarily attach completed two- dimensional artworks to the classroom wall so that everyone has the opportunity to admire and discuss each other’s creations..

Presented by Jessica Baker


Sept 19

6 - 8p


All ages


Jessica Baker is a mixed-media visual artist based in Woodstock, NY. Her artwork has been featured in an interview for National Public Radio, presented in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally, included in both private and institutional collections and praised by critics including, notably, the NY Times. She has been awarded a fellowship and a number of artistic residencies.


Instagram: rekabjess


Artist Statement

My artwork incorporates the use of collected man-made objects, materials from nature and works on paper to create thematic series of individual artworks and installations that explore the impermanent and ephemeral nature of art.

Personal Meditations

My recent series of works, “Personal Meditations”, is inspired by texts derived from Buddhist and related spiritual and philosophical teachings along with humorous pearls of wisdom taught to me by a beloved T’ai Chi master. “Personal Meditations” includes unique artists books, works on paper, prints and installations that use the source text to create visually compelling images that also convey meaningful content. The process of making this work is similar to the experience of silently repeating mantras during meditation, with the effect of returning my focus to the present task at hand while stilling the thoughts that often interfere when I’m making art.

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